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Can I Swim After SMP?

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

Scalp micropigmentation has a seven-day healing process after each session. That means you should practice a few SMP aftercare tips so that your scalp pigment stays good forever. Now you want to avoid hot tubs, lakes, sea, and pools because of high chlorine, which is not good for SMP pigment. After 30 days, everything will be normal.

Can I swim in ocean after SMP?

Avoid soaking your head in normal, salty, or chlorinated water. It is also important to avoid any rigorous activities that can make you to sweat. Too much sweat can cause discoloration of the pigment, which may look blotchy. Another important way to look after your SMP is to avoid sun as much as possible. In fact, you may want to limit your sun exposure, which is not good for your newly inked scalp.

So the idea is to keep the scalp dry. Do not wet the scalp, which may result in fading. SMP is like a small open wound. You should keep it from coming in contact with water.

Stay out of saltwater

Saltwater can fade your SMP the most, especially during the healing process. Try to keep from direct sunlight. If you still need to go out in the sun, put some sunscreen on the scalp that can shield your pigment from ultraviolet rays. You may wear a hat to cover the scalp from sunlight. Remember, after the procedure, the scalp is sensitive and vulnerable to sunburn. Protecting it with a sunscreen is the right way to go. Use SPF 30+ to shield the scalp.

If you still want to go to the beach, just avoid going neck deep to keep your pigment intact. This will ensure that your SMP does not fade or get discolored.

Keep Your Scalp Clean

Avoid using styling products for a week of each session. Keep the scalp clean so as to avoid any infection.

Wear a hat to protect your scalp from the harsh rays of the sun. Better still, go for a sunscreen that can effectively shield the scalp and also keep it moisturized. Another important aftercare tip is to be gentle with your scalp and to avoid scratching or picking at it. Although you want to stay away from water, it is important to keep hydrated all the time. It will help in faster healing of the scalp.

Besides, you may want to practice sleeping on your back to avoid rubbing the scalp against the pillow. Be gentle with your scalp and avoid pulling hair while brushing the scalp.

The DermMicro Advantage

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