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Can Vitamin D Help Hair Loss?

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

Does vitamin D improve hair? Can vitamin D deficiency cause hair thinning? Well, hair loss is not limited to just one cause. Rather, there are multiple reasons for hair loss. nutrition is one such factors contributing to hair growth. If you take a good healthy diet, you can experience healthy hair growth, provided you do not struggle with any other hair loss factors. In that case, vitamin D deficiency may also contribute to hair shedding. That means replenishing your vitamin D levels can help restore hair growth.

How Vitamin D Helps Hair Loss?

Sunshine vitamin is crucial to regulating cell cycles. This is one important factor in hair growth. Research finds that patients with alopecia areata may benefit from vitamin D supplementation as their body lacks vitamin D, which disrupts follicle cycle.

Vitamin D stimulates the growth of follicles. A person lacking vitamin D may experience severe hair thinning or shedding. In fact, people with alopecia areata are also believed to be deficient in sunshine vitamin. So their patchy hair loss could be blamed on vitamin D insufficiency.

Hair follicles are tiny pores that support the growth of hair. New follicles might help prevent premature hair loss. So you may want to work on replenishing your vitamin D levels to see if that helps hair growth. Unfortunately, there isn’t much research to validate the claim.

If vitamin D doesn’t support hair growth, you might be left struggling with hair thinning, hair shedding, or a receding hairline.

Now what is the way out?

You ought to find the reason for hair loss first and then seek treatment for the same. Not all types of hair loss can be treated with medication.

In such cases, it is a great idea to try out scalp micropigmentation.

Can I do SMP From a Tattoo Artist?

It would be a grave mistake to get scalp micropigmentation done from a tattoo artist. Body art is different from a scalp tattoo. A tattoo artist does not have the tools, pigments, and skills needed to perform scalp micropigmentation. SMP is best performed by skilled and trained SMP experts. These people have undergone training in scalp micropigmentation. They use SMP-special tools to perform the hair restoration procedure.

A tattoo artist sees body work and SMP with the same eye and use the same tools for the job. sadly, this does not work. SMP requires specialized pigments that do not blur or migrate. The best quality scalp pigments do not get discolored either. Additionally, there is a huge difference between SMP pen and needles. A tattoo gun is different from SMP machine and does not fit a scalp micropigmentation procedure.

For example, ​DM 2.0 pen is designed to achieve SMP follicles points that are high density with the help of HD needles and pigments. The pen is light weight yet balanced for long scalp sessions. The DM kit comes complete with 1 Scalp Micropigmentation DM 2.0 pen, 1 Power supply, 1 Foot pedal.  DermMicro also provides an instructional guide for SMP freshers.

If you dream of realistic results, opt for a trained and skilled scalp artist who uses the best SMP tools and resources.

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