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Can You Fix Bad SMP?

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

When a client comes to you with a bad SMP done elsewhere, you have limited options. They want to fix SMP gone wrong. If necessary, you may recommend laser removal and then redo the procedure. Or you may try to soften dark areas that have resulted from poor SMP practices. There’s also an alternative to even out unfinished areas and complete the unfinished treatment.

So how to go about it?

First things first. You must first start with an assessment of a poor job. Then you can explore your options. Ideally some recommend two sessions of laser removal to break down the bad pigment. This will require a long a recovery period of about 3 months before you can reapply the procedure. Besides, laser treatment for SMP removal is painful and not precise. Laser tattoo removal results in a frosting effect. It is better for larger work areas and might not be the best option to remove precise spots or darker areas or uneven tone.

There’s another option, especially where the treatment has not been applied uniformly. In that case, some areas or spots are light and not too dark overall. It is here that an experienced scalp practitioner can correct the uneven tone or soften discriminant dark dots.

What is the SMP correction option?

Complexion correction is a true cover up, sits on the pigments, and camouflages spots that you want to hide. It is really quick and delivers instant results. All you need to do is learn about how to mix the colors. The mixing guide comes in handy like a tutor and helps you find matching colors easily.

Complexion correction is a marvel when it comes to SMP removal. Scalp artists love this product when it comes to working on:

  • Lightening up the front hairline
  • Hyperpigmented scar
  • Big points over the ear
  • Two pairs too close together
  • Dark scars
  • Big spots
  • Small points


The best thing about it is that it delivers precise and instant results. The only drawback is that it just covers up scars without removing them. As a scalp practitioner, it is crucial to understand the client’s exact preferences, pain points, and skin tone. Doing some research on the scalp skin tones can help you deliver the desired results. The temple area has a lot thinner skin than in the back of the head. Complexion correction is a kind of skin tone pigment solution that helps make small corrections, bad SMP, scars by matching the skin tone and color. It is a true coverup.

The Skin Color Correcting Kit comprises:

  • 1 Skin Base based pigment
  • 1 Dermal redness pigment
  • 1 Melanin Pigment
  • 1 Color Mixing Guide
  • 1 Set of pigment mixing tools (1 silicon bowl, 3 mixing sticks, 5 ink cups)

The Complete Skin Correcting Kit covers up scars, age spots, varicose veins, hyperpigmentation, microblading, Vitiligo, and bad tattooing. The skin base and tints are your go-to complexion correction tools to achieve all skin colors on the skin tone spectrum.

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