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Common SMP Questions

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Are there any side effects of Scalp tattooing?

No, scalp micropigmentation is a safe hair restoration procedure with no side effects. However, the success of the procedure depends a lot on the skills and experience of the SMP practitioner. What’s more, the type and quality of products used for scalp tattooing is also important. Both these criteria can determine the efficacy of the procedure.

How do you sleep after SMP?

The main point is to avoid touching the scalp again and again with bare hands. You don’t want to introduce bacteria and germs to your newly tattooed scalp. Remember, it is like a fresh wound in the initial stages and you want to protect it from germs as much as possible. In bed, it’s okay to cover the scalp with something loose that feels comfortable during sleep.

Can you shave head after SMP?

It is important not to shave your scalp for at least 4-7 days after undergoing SMP. During this period, your scalp will be sensitive to touch. You may start using an electric shaver a week after the procedure to shave your head. However, an electric foil shaver is still the best shaving tool to use after SMP. It cuts hair down to the scalp.

Can I cut my hair after SMP?

Please wait for at least five days before using clippers or a shaver to cut hair. Make sure you are gentle on the scalp for a minimum of 10 days as it is still healing.

Does SMP fade?

SMP does lighten a bit over time. Done by SMP experts, the pigment lightens gradually over 2-5 years. In that case, you may need touch-ups every 3 years to revive the pigment. But it may fade quickly if applied incorrectly. A bad SMP procedure leaves unrealistic results that look fake. In such cases, you may need to opt for SMP removal.

Do SMP dots get smaller?

In the initial days after the SMP session, dots may appear large as the scalp is still healing. As scabs flake away in a matter of days, final dots may still be 90 to 170 Um in diameter. These SMP dots blend seamlessly with the surrounding scalp.

Does SMP look shiny?

Though scalp micropigmentation is meant to create a buzz-cut look, a shiny scalp after SMP is still possible, thanks to natural sebum production in the scalp. Sebum tends to create shiny effect on the scalp. However, it is advised to use oil-free and mattifying products after the procedure.  The best anti-shine product on the market is available at DermMicro store. Zero Shine is formulated with ingredients that produce a matte effect and hide scalp shine.

So if a shiny head is a huge disappointment, Zero Shine is the best product to get your hands on. It works as a moisturizer, sunscreen, and mattifier. The product does not clog pores yet provides full coverage from solar rays. It is easy to apply but does not go away easily. Being waterproof, Zero Shine stays on a sweating scalp too.

So what are you looking for? Order the hot-selling Zero Shine on DermMicro website today and say good-bye to scalp shine.


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