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Difference Between SMP and Body Art

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

Scalp micropigmentation is increasingly becoming a popular choice for those with hair loss problems. Some consider SMP as similar to body tattooing. They may even consider going for cheaper treatment at the hands of tattoo artists. But there is a huge difference between both procedures. It is a mistake to choose a tattoo artist for scalp micropigmentation. Let’s explore the differences below.

How to differentiate between SMP and Body Art

hair loss is one of the worst experiences for men and women that nobody wants to undergo. Unfortunately, hair loss is a reality and happens with a majority of people out there. As a result, many hair loss treatments have surfaced too. But not all work on different types of hair loss. luckily, there is one that can conceal the effects of all types of hair loss. SMP, also known as hair tattoo. Many consider hair tattoo as similar to body art. But they are different in technique and tools.

Some tattoo artists claim to do SMP. But a tattoo artist is not trained or skilled in performing scalp micropigmentation. SMP involves the use of special ink, which is formulated to work on one of the most sensitive parts of the body – scalp. Body art uses chemical pigments that are not meant for use as scalp tattoo.

SMP pigments are designed to create the impression of a full head of hair and replicate hair follicles. A skilled SMP practitioner knows how to match the ink to the surrounding skin and even out the shading. Since SMP is a permanent or long-lasting treatment, the longevity of the treatment depends on the quality of ink used.

Specialist training

SMP technicians require professional certified training in tattooing the scalp to conceal hair loss. They understand how to handle different types of hair loss.

A tattoo artist, on the other hand, is not trained in hair density, hairlines, follicle replication, and scar tattooing. Additionally, they don’t have access to SMP pigments and tools needed for a professional job.

The types of inks used in body art are significantly different from the pigment used in SMP. Tattoos use a range of color choices, whereas SMP pigments are predominantly black to match the scalp and hair tone.

The technique of application is also different in SMP and body art. Tattoos are inked deeper using bigger needles as compared to scalp micropigmentation, which uses micro needles to create dots of the size of hair follicles. If tattoo needles are used for SMP, they would create unrealistic, fake, and unnatural results.

Pain experience

SMP practitioners are trained to do a professional job using the best tools for scalp micropigmentation. Their goal is to make the experience a painless and pleasant one for practitioners. The role of specialized SMP equipment cannot be overlooked here. Besides, they understand the depth at which the ink should penetrate for the best SMP results. Any deeper penetration may cause pain and also create fake results. on the other hand, tattoo inks go deeper and spread.


Getting a tattoo done is often a one-time experience compared to scalp micropigmentation, which extends to at least 2-4 sessions, if not more, depending on client preferences and the extent of hair loss. since scalp micropigmentation is a more clinical procedure, it requires some pre-planning and aftercare. It begins with a consultation and a patch test to check the client for any adverse reactions to SMP ink.

There are some SMP aftercare tips for clients to follow to ensure the longevity of treatment. The best results are guaranteed when the person performing the job is skilled and experienced in SMP, uses the right tools and equipment, and shares the best aftercare tips with clients. They use numbing solution to numb the skin so that clients undergoing scalp micropigmentation do not experience pain during the procedure.

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