Do Hats Cause Baldness?

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If you are affected by hair loss and wear a hat regularly, then you might have come across the myth that hats cause baldness, right? Do hats actually cause shedding of hair? Well, this is just a myth and not reality. Statistics find that 20% males in their 20s suffer from male-pattern baldness. With age, this percentage rises.

Though hair loss is not caused by wearing a hat, there could be some side effects that might make you wary of donning a cap.

Adjusting your hat frequently

If you are in the habit of constant adjusting your hat, you may end up irritating delicate hair. This is truer in cases where you are already experiencing hair loss or hair thinning. The act of frequently adjusting the cap might aggravate the situation and cause fragile hair to break.

Wearing a dirty hat

Okay, so we all know that hygiene is important. The same goes for scalp hygiene. So if you keep wearing the same hat over and over again without worrying about its cleanliness, you are risking hygiene. This could cause scalp infection and accelerate hair loss. besides, some people are in the habit of sharing hats and caps. If you, too, do not hesitate to wear shared hats, you are at a risk of contracting tinea capitis or ringworm of the scalp. This could pose a potent risk of hair loss.

Wearing a tight hat

You don’t want to wear a hat that fits tightly and makes you feel uncomfortable all the time that you keep adjusting it every now and then. This is one of the risk factors for hair breakage from wearing a tight hat.

What Causes Hair Loss

There are many factors responsible for hair loss in men and women. Your genes are to be blamed in a majority of cases. If you suffer from extreme hair shedding, pattern baldness, or thinning hair, then you ought to first find a relative cause in your genes. Is anyone from your mom’s or dad’s family suffering from the same? This could be your father or grandfather, mom or grandmom. Research finds that your genes raise the risk of baldness to 80%.

Your genes aren’t solely to be blamed for hair loss. other factors include medication reactions, medical condition, environmental factors, stress, and climate, among others.

What can you do about hair loss?

Whatever be the cause of hair loss, you want to overcome the problem and look better and younger. If you have already sought medical help and not found relief, you may want to try out home remedies for hair loss. But nothing seems to be effective against hair shedding, especially if you don’t address the root cause of the problem. In such cases, scalp micropigmentation is your last hope because it can beautifully camouflage hair loss problem.

SMP is believed to be the best solution for hair loss, which does not solve your problem of hair shedding. But it does help hide the problem at the root and nobody can even say you have had scalp micropigmentation. Done by SMP professionals, it can create the appearance of natural hair follicles.

However, it is crucial to use the best SMP products for the job. this includes SMP ink, pen, and needles. DermMicro provides a complete SMP kit for the job.

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