Does SMP Damage Hair Follicles?

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One of the most important questions that many clients look answer to: Does SMP needle damage follicles? Well, scalp micropigmentation is a minimally invasive procedure than a hair transplant. It does not cause any damage to hair follicles. The procedure uses tiny needles that penetrate the dermis and do not go beyond 2mm depth. With that said, hair follicles are naturally placed deeper and thus are not affected in any way when the pigment is implanted above them.

Can SMP Cause Folliculitis?

No, it does not affect follicles nor does it cause hair loss. The procedure is safe and does not cause folliculitis. What is folliculitis? It is a fungal or bacterial infection that results in inflammation of follicles, which may be apparent in the form of pimples or bumps.

The condition could result in permanent hair loss when follicles are damaged. Luckily, SMP does not cause this condition.

Although the procedure does not cause folliculitis, proper scalp aftercare is crucial to prevent infections after SMP.

SMP Causes Microinjury

Scalp micropigmentation may result in controlled microinjury, which happens when a scalp artist pokes the skin with needles with an aim to stimulate skin regeneration. When that happens, there is an improved collagen and blood flow at the site.

Microinjury may result in hair growth. Some clients may even experience baby hair growth in areas that were otherwise hairless after the procedure. But that does not happen with all clients.

Doesn’t damaging the skin discourage growth of hair?

This could be true in cases when scalp micropigmentation is done incorrectly. But when you choose the best scalp artist, who uses top-class tools for the scalp job, it is likely to deliver desired results. some inexperienced scalp artist end up oversaturating the skin or using a huge needle for the job instead of a microneedle, which is required for scalp micropigmentation.

SMP needles are designed to cause controlled microinjury with a purpose to stimulate collagen production and accelerate healing. With better blood circulation, the scalp is likely to heal quickly and experience hair regrowth.

Can I Pursue Regrowth Treatments after SMP?

Scalp micropigmentation ensures the best results for most clients. However, some may still want to use get hair transplant for hair regrowth after SMP. It is possible too.

SMP does not prevent the success of hair transplant. However, before your SMP treatment, avoid using any topical hair regrowth products. You should try not to use these products for at least 30 days before the first session and after the last session. The goal is to ensure proper healing so that the pigment has enough time to settle.

Using the best scalp aftercare products is recommended. This includes the best scalp shampoo and moisturizer. You may also want to get your hands on a sunscreen that comes with SPF 30 so you can shield your scalp from the harmful effects of ultra violet radiation. DermMicro SMP products are a well-known name in the scalp micropigmentation industry. they have a wide range of scalp products and resources. Get your hands on them on DM website.

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