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Does SMP Fade Away Completely?

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

When done correctly, SMP will not fade away. Performed by scalp experts with the best tools and resources, scalp micropigmentation will be a life-changing decision for clients. If a client insists on super dark pigment, it is important to make them understand that slight pigment fading is natural as a result of the immune system’s attack against foreign particles.

Does SMP Fade?

Scalp micropigmentation can lighten naturally over a period of 3-5 years if applied correctly. In fact, it may last a lifetime with a few touchups. Are touchups crucial? Well, yes, a touchup will ensure that the pigment gets a revamp and you don’t have to go through all of SMP sessions again.

Why does SMP fade?

Now there are three reasons:

First, it is natural for the pigment to fade slightly as your immune system would start attacking it as a foreign body.

Second, if you overlook SMP aftercare, the pigment might fade. Now there are a few reasons, including excessive sweating, too much exposure to the sun, and carelessness.

Third, if a tattoo artist performs the job, it might fade away quickly, get discolored, or even migrate like tattoo ink. In the worst cases, tattoo artists use tattoo inks and tools for scalp micropigmentation and do not have any knowledge of SMP. They see SMP as another form of body art and perform the procedure similar to tattoo work. This proves disastrous for SMP clients.

Applying SMP at the same depth, following the same procedure as traditional tattoo, amounts to creating a blotchy look. SMP is a cosmetic procedure to place dots into the dermis layer of the scalp. In fact, the depth at which the pigment is placed is crucial. A professional SMP technician places the pigment at a superficial depth in the dermis. They have knowledge of the scalp anatomy and understand the importance of placing the ink in the area, which is not rich in blood vessels. Placing ink at the right depth ensures that the pigment retains shape does not spread or migrate.

What would happen if the pigment is placed at a higher level than this?

Well, in that case, the pigment might fade due to exposure to outside elements. So an understanding of pigment placement is crucial for a scalp artist. Without which, the whole treatment might fail.

It is here that the best SMP training comes in handy.

What is SMP Training?

A reliable SMP training course gives theoretical and practical knowledge to perform SMP with confidence. Of course, you don’t need medical background to start scalp micropigmentation career. There are online and in-class training courses. Online courses are more preferred by students as they have the freedom to choose study time. Additionally, they don’t need to send hours commuting to the training center.

The course may be anywhere from 1-7 days. Theoretical knowledge is as important as practical training in scalp micropigmentation. The best way to practice SMP before performing the procedure on a real client is to use a practice head.

DermMicro practice head is designed with a foam lightweight center and a red outer coating. The practice head comes with a thin layer of fake skin that mimics human skin, creating a realistic feel of working on a real head. The kit comes complete with Scalp Oil to wipe clean the pigment and markers easily. There is a special non-permanent pen to draw a hairline. It is also useful in making small pigment points for scalp micropigmentation.

Order your kit today on DM website. 

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