Does SMP Last? How to Maintain SMP Results?

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If you've recently had scalp micropigmentation, then you want to preserve the results for a long time. By ensuring the right SMP aftercare, you can effectively maintain the procedure and reduce the need for on-going touch-ups. Now we come to the question: is SMP easy to maintain?

Well, the best scalp artists will recommend an aftercare list to maintain the procedure results so that SMP lasts long.

Get a Sun Shield

The top SMP practitioner suggests including a high quality SPF 30 sun screen in your SMP aftercare regime. The goal is to mattify and moisturize the scalp. Remember, ultra violet rays can be extremely harmful to the pigment and can break it up. When UV rays hit the scalp, pigment particles are targeted and disposed of. By protecting your scalp from harmful UV rays is essential to maintaining SMP results.  now the search for the best sunscreen starts. But you don’t have to go far. DermMicro specializes in a unique anti-shine product that comes with SPF 30+. Not only does it keep that scalp shine away, but also it shields your skin from sun rays. You can place your order for Zero Shine on the DM website.

Don’t ignore cleansing routine

You want to focus on scalp cleansing. But your cleansing regime should not include toxic or harsh chemicals that can cause fading of the scalp. You need a solution that cleanses, soothes, and heals an irritated scalp after SMP. Cleansing will also help reduce hair loss. It is also crucial to maintaining SMP results and reducing scalp shine. The DM scalp aftercare kit has everything to help your healing process. DermMicro recommends using the restore ointment the day you get the procedure and return home. This will help reduce redness and irritation, if any. DM even suggests washing the scalp that night with the Cleanse Shampoo, which is formulated to gently cleanse the scalp and also help  with healing. For the best scalp aftercare following SMP, DermMicro advises washing the scalp every other day with the cleanse shampoo and following it up with restore ointment. Then comes the third component in the scalp aftercare kit – Restore Ointment, which must be used after a week of the final session.

Shaving can help maintain the look

Too long hair may look different than scalp micropigmentation as there is a difference between texture and tone. You may use a clipper to keep hair below 1mm and maintain the SMP look for longer.

SMP Aftercare Instructions

It is typical to have a red and irritated scalp after 1-3 days.

  • Do not peel scabs. They will fall off naturally. Scratching the scabs will only cause pigment loss. This might even cause injury.
  • Avoid styling products for at least 10 days and do not touch the area. This might affect the healing process and rather infect the scalp.
  • Avoid shower for a week or more. Water pressure on the scalp can cause swelling and forcefully remove scabs.
  • Do Not expose your scalp to direct sunlight.
  • Avoid any activity that can cause sweating and swelling. Sweat can expand the pores and swell the tissue. As a result, the body might absorb more pigment and cause it to fade.

Following proper SMP aftercare instructions and using the right products matters a lot in scalp care following scalp micropigmentation. Order your DM scalp aftercare kit today.



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