Does SMP Make the Scalp Shiny?

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Of course, you do not want your scalp to shine when you go for scalp micropigmentation. But for some clients, the scalp starts to shine after they shave their head following the procedure. A shiny scalp is the result of smoothness, bright lights, and moisture. Many clients do not want to attract attention to their scalp for more reasons than one.

Smoothness and Shine

When light hits a bald head or a shaved head with SMP, the surface starts to shine is the result when light bounces from a surface. This is the result of a smooth head that shines as there is nothing to disrupt the light. Shine after scalp micropigmentation is often noticed after a wet shave. As the hair starts to grow, the shine reduces gradually.

Moisture and shine

Sweating is a normal process. You can always reduce the chances of sweat by not stepping out in direct sunlight or hot conditions. Besides, the skin secretes sebum that can add shine to the scalp.

How To Reduce Scalp Shine

When you do a clean wet shave, there is least variation between follicle replication and real hair. It is one of the best ways to get the most realistic appearance. However, this method also results in shine on the head. Here you can depend on a quality anti-shine product to minimize the impact of shine. Additionally, wet shaving every 2-3 days with a foil shaver or clippers might help.

Shaving with clippers or a shaver might help your cause, resulting in a reduction in shine.

Look for the best anti-shine products on the market to offset the effects of sweating and sebum. A zero shine product might be best applied immediately after a wet shave for best results.

What Is Zero Shine

If you are sick of a shiny scalp after SMP, then this product is for you. Zero Shine remover gives a matte look on the scalp, thanks to its incredible mattifying power. Additionally, the product is waterproof and can create a matte effect that lasts more than 24 hours.

When you apply Zero Shine on your scalp after SMP, the long-lasting product is difficult to remove. It might require rubbing the head with a micro fiber towel to get rid of Zero Shine. That means you can enjoy a super matte-finish without the fear of shine. The product helps control oil and keeps your  scalp moisturized yet without that noticeable shine all day long!

The Zero Shine Advantage

When you get SMP done, you don’t want that shiny scalp. DermMicro engineered Zero Shine to help clients looking for an anti-shine product that actually works and resolves the scalp shine problem. Besides, the product protects the scalp from the sun.

It is easier to apply on the scalp just like you would use a deodorant. Luckily, Zero Shine does not dry nor stay wet or shiny while still moisturizing the scalp and creating a protective shield that defuses light. It produces an anti-glare matte effect and there is no risk of Zero Shine cracking, drying or falling off.

So place your order today and grab the anti-shine product to get rid of that shine effect after shave. Zero Shine ensures that you can continue to enjoy the benefits of scalp micropigmentation without fearing the shine effects of shaving.

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