How Can I Protect My SMP From Fading in the Sun?

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Now you are already aware of the damage ultraviolet rays can do to scalp micropigmentation. So you want to protect the treatment from sun exposure at any cost. Of course, avoiding prolonged exposure to sunlight holds the key. But you cannot keep sitting inside the four corners of your abode to protect SMP. You have professional and personal commitments to fulfill. So if you need to step outside during peak hours, it’s better to use protection to keep UV rays from damaging the newly inked scalp.

Sun exposure can adversely affect the appearance of your SMP.

How To Protect SMP in Sun?

Choose the right head cover

A hat is a good protection to your scalp, providing full coverage of the scalp. But when it comes to choosing a hat for your SMP scalp, you want to pick one that does not fit tightly. You don’t want to invest in one that keeps rubbing against the scalp, which, in turn, can cause scalp irritation and fade the pigment. A loose-fitting hat that provides full coverage is a good example.

Avoid chemicals

Now you also want to avoid using chemical products that can cause irritation. Anything that irritates the skin is not recommended as you might be tempted to scratch the scalp when it itches. Rather, you want to choose a product that soothes the skin and keeps it cool.

Use a quality Sunscreen

The most important sun protection is a sunscreen that comes with a high SPF. Since your newly inked scalp can shine after shave, you may want something that has a matte effect and is formulated with SPF 30+.

Quality sunscreen lotions prevent sunburn and skin damage. When you slather a layer of it on your inked scalp, it will protect the color of the pigment as well.

Moisturize your scalp

Here’s one product that you may want to choose to mattify the scalp, moisturize it, and protect it from sun damage.

DermMicro’s Zero Shine is an all-in-one product that has mattifying properties as well as sun protection factor too. So when you buy Zero Shine, you can kill two birds in one stone – get rid of the shiny head problem and sun protect your scalp too.

What more do you want?

The best thing about Zero Shine is that it is all-natural and remains effective for 24 hours. You need Zero Shine Remover to get rid of the mattifying solution, which is waterproof and does not disappear on its own. ZSR is highly effective in removing Zero Shine. When you do that, the scalp returns to its shiny self.

How to buy ZSR and Zero Shine?

You can place your order for Zero Shine and ZSR on the DermMicro website. It’s quite a hassle-free ordering process that takes just a few minutes. So what are you waiting for? It’s time to protect your scalp from the harsh rays of the sun with a product that works like a charm on your newly inked scalp and keeps that head shine off. When it comes to getting rid of the matte effect, ZSR comes in.


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