How Do You Practice Scalp Micropigmentation?

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If you plan to take up SMP as a career, the immediate next question is: How do I become a SMP practitioner? Learning the technicalities of scalp micropigmentation can help you enter an innovative field of hair restoration treatment that can literally transform lives of clients. The non-invasive technique is an innovation in the field of hair restoration, and an increasing number of people with various scalp problems are opting for SMP to conceal their hair loss.

How To Become A Scalp Artist?

There are several SMP clinics that offer comprehensive micropigmentation courses. However, you ought to find one that provides both theoretic and hands-on training. Your objective is to master the technique of micropigmentation so you can confidently perform this life-changing treatment. The goal of the treatment should be to create a realistic look for clients, which is unnoticeable even through naked eyes.

Turn Your Passion Into A Rewarding Career

With thousands of people looking for hair restoration options, there’s no better time to start your career as SMP professional. Scalp Micropigmentation can be learned even without prior experience or knowledge. The best course will walk you through all the details, from sanitation and choice of color to client care and setting up your work station.

When you are looking for an exhaustive course that details everything about scalp micropigmentation, look no further than DermMicro.

The course gives you training in:

  • Detailing SMP
  • Using needles and all other SMP tools
  • Finding the best-quality SMP pigment
  • Matching the pigment color with head and skin color
  • Lightening mistakes without leaving marks
  • Practicing patterns or hairlines on practice head
  • Correcting posture and client positioning
  • Learning hair loss and scalp problems
  • Mixing pigments
  • Mapping with a compass
  • Creating patterns on fake skin
  • Removing redness immediately after the procedure to take pictures
  • Measuring shapes
  • Proper depth for implantation
  • Correcting mistakes without leaving marks


The goal of SMP is to create a realistic look that mimics hair follicles. The course gives you theoretical and practical skill training to create stunning, lasting results for clients.

Scalp Treatment Courses

During the training, you will learn the latest techniques and best practices from scalp experts. You will also learn how to use the most advanced tools and products in the scalp micropigmentation industry.

This comprehensive course sets the standard for excellence so each student can master the art of cosmetic tattooing. The best trainers are available to guide students through evert step of the learning process so you can gain thorough understanding of the best practices and techniques. Students will also gain valuable insights into the real-world situation.

How to Practice SMP?

While theoretical training will give you in-depth knowledge into scalp micropigmentation and the client problems, practical training is needed to master the craft and gain full confidence.

DM practice head is one of the best ways to practice scalp micropigmentation for students and refine their artistic abilities.

Working on the practice head, made of a foam lightweight center, thin layer of fake skin, and a red outer coating, is an experience of a lifetime to practice the craft before taking on real clients. The practice head with its fake outer skin layer gives the feel of working on a real head. The kit comes complete with Scalp Oil to wipe away the pigment and markers.

So if you have dreams of taking cosmetic tattooing as a career, look no further than honing your SMP knowledge and skills with this detailed micropigmentation course. It opens up doors to numerous opportunities.

Order your training kit today!


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