How Do You Treat Oily Shiny Scalp?

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Before going straight to the topic of treating a shiny scalp, let’s first understand the mystique behind head shine. Scalp shine is natural, so you don’t have too much to worry about it. Your scalp produces natural oils, known as sebum. These natural oils are essential for hair health. However, too much of it causes your head to shine. Those with oily skin or hair might experience this more prominently.

Hair Products

There are a few hair care products that can leave a residue and make your scalp look shiny. Don’t invest in hair care products that are too oily or use chemical parabens.


Hydration is essential for optimal health. This stands true for scalp health too. If you have a well-hydrated scalp, it is less likely to look shiny. Contrarily, a dehydrated scalp can cause the sebaceous gland to produce more oil.

Skin Health

Your scalp is more likely to appear shiny if you are suffering from certain skin conditions. Psoriasis and seborrheic dermatitis can cause inflammation and result in an overproduction of oils. As a result, your scalp will appear shinier.

Stress and Diet

Nutrition and lifestyle choices also affect scalp health. Your diet should be balanced and packed with vitamins and minerals. This is crucial to support overall skin health. But stress can play a spoil sport and impact oil production.

Stress can affect androgen, which is associated with oil production. Too much of cortisol may further stimulate androgen production. As a result, the glands are forced to produce more sebum.


If it’s in your genes, you cannot cure it or get rid of the problem. Some people naturally have oilier scalps because it’s in their genes. This contributes to a shiny appearance.

Hair Washing Habits

Overwashing easily strips your scalp of natural oils. As a result, sebaceous glands start producing more oil, making your head shine more.

Can SMP Reduce Scalp Sine?

Well, scalp micropigmentation can keep a check on head shine but your scalp is more likely to shine if it sweats or is exposed to sun. Remember, there are no hair on your bald head to create a textured look. That means your scalp will shine even after scalp micropigmentation.

Now you might be wondering how to manage a shiny head.

Use mattifying products to hide that shine on your head. Instead of using anti-shine powders, choose an effective product that stays good for hours. Here enters Zero Shine by DermMicro.

While a shiny scalp may be due to lifestyle, genetic, or environmental factors, Zero Shine can effectively reduce shiny appearance and make your scalp look better.

It stays on for 24 hours and is highly effective even if the scalp is exposed to sunlight. What’s more, Zero Shine doubles up as a sunscreen as the new version is formulated with SPF protection. Now you do not need to invest in a separate sunscreen if you have Zero Shine for scalp shine. Even better, it is waterproof and does not clog pores either.

Ordering the product on DM website is pretty easy. Place your order for Zero Shine now and get rid of head shine.

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