How Long Does SMP Take To Heal?

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Scalp micropigmentation healing does not take a very long time. Although recovery is quick, you need to exercise a few precautions for the best results. If you are new to scalp micropigmentation practice, help your clients understand how the SMP recovery works.

Days 1-7

The scalp is natural to look a bit swollen and red after you get the SMP tattoo. The redness should go away within a day or two. Here SMP aftercare kit comes in handy. But for anyone willing to see their newly inked scalp, choose redness remover for immediate effects. The solution will eliminate redness quickly for a few minutes only but that is enough time for clients to examine how SMP looks on them.  This is also an opportunity for you to take before and after pictures for your portfolio. 

Days 8-14

With time, tiny dots turn less dark or come off slightly. This should be nothing to worry. Let your clients understand that this is not a problem; rather, a part of the SMP healing phase. They should let the scalp heal itself. Using SMP aftercare kit should again be a step in the right direction.

Exercising caution and preventing exposure to the sun are crucial aftercare steps every SMP client must take after the procedure. Sun exposure will cause the pigment to fade. Additionally, sweat is not good for SMP ink, especially in the initial phase of the recovery process.

Weeks 6

The scalp should be completely healed. Explain it to your clients that they can come for a few adjustments to the hair tattoo during this period if something seems missing. The adjustment is primarily meant to help things appear absolutely right.

Is an itchy scalp a problem?

No, the itchiness phenomenon is a sign that the scalp is getting better and healing. The scalp might start to itch is it lacks moisture. Now how can you manage Itchiness?

Using a moisturizer is a safe way to ease itching.

Besides, you want to ensure that they maintain scalp cleanliness regime using gentle products that are not harsh on their scalp or tattoo. A mild cleanser, which is gentle and chemical free is advisable. In fact, this is essential to preserve the integrity of the tattoo.

Why Choose DermMicro Aftercare Products?

DermMicro has many firsts to its name. It has some of the most revolutionary products on the scalp micropigmentation market. DM needles were the first SMP-specific needles on the market.

Its aftercare kit has all the essentials needed for scalp aftercare. This includes cleanse shampoo that cleanses and assists with healing. It also comes with a restore ointment meant to heal the skin after scalp micropigmentation. Additionally, the ointment is useful in clearing up irritation as well as redness post-SMP.

Finally, the kit comes complete with restore lotion, which has long-term hydrating properties once the skin has healed.

Reach out to the best SMP aftercare products available on DM website. They are meant to relieve post-SMP symptoms.‍

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