How To Achieve An Anti-Shine Scalp?

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Bald heads are likely to shine more than one with hair. The sight of a shining scalp is quite bothersome for many, as they are conscious of their looks and personality and do not welcome a shaved head shine. A matte look is preferrable.

What does a shiny head mean?

A shiny scalp defines a bald head that gleams like a mirror as there are no hair follicles. A bald head has a completely smooth surface nor does it have thin hairs or Vellus Hairs that give it a fuzzy look. With no hair, the scalp reflects light and shines.

Sebum production

The primary culprit is the Sebaceous gland, which contributes to shine on a bald head. The gland produces sebum or oil. It is attached to the follicles, and in the absence of hair to absorb the excess oil, a bald scalp shines more. While some scalps secrete more oil than others, they are likely to shine more too. The amount of secretion is dependent on the skin type. Oily skin people are likely to experience more of the shiny head problem than those with dry skin.

A close shave

A bald scalp always shines more than one with some texture. Your scalp shines more if you choose to shav short as there is no hair to block the light's reflection. Shaving your head with the grain might be a better choice to keep a check on scalp shine.

No doubt, SMP creates the impression of hair follicles, it cannot completely reduce shine on a freshly shaved scalp. The best thing about scalp micropigmentation is that it can camouflage hair loss and scars and rebuild hairlines, offering those with alopecia a better choice to hide their scalp problems.

How do I get rid of the scalp shine?

Wash your scalp regularly

Regular washing of the head is one of the easiest ways to keep a scalp heathy and non-greasy. Exfoliating the scalp can remove dead skin cells and thus prevent any bacterial growth. This step will also help keep a check on the amount of excess sebum excretion. Avoid products that are formulated with alcohol. You want to choose a non-greasy moisturizer that keeps the scalp hydrated.

Using the right products meant for your specific skin type is crucial to the maintenance of your scalp. Remember, you don’t want to use the wrong products that leave your scalp too greasy.

Dietary intervention

Your diet also plays a role in the amount of sebum production in the body. If you eat particularly oily foods, this will often reflect in the form of oil skin. In fact, even high carb foods increase sebum production, resulting in scalp shine. Restricting oily, high carb foods can help you limit excess oil production.

How can I mattify my bald head?

Now you want something to work immediately as you cannot wait for months or years for the lifestyle adjustment results to show up. Here enters Zero Shine, the best matte product for an anti-shine effect. It can help you counter the shine on your head. It does not clog pores, is easy to apply, and durable. Zero Shine starts to work as soon as you apply a tiny bit of it on your scalp. What’s more, it comes with SPF 30+ protection. That means you don’t have to worry about ultra violet rays when you walk out in the sun. Zero Shine gives full sun protection while mattifying the scalp and reducing shine.

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