How To Know If You Are Going Bald?

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If you wish to know whether you are going bald, there are a few hair loss symptoms to keep your eyes on. What are these symptoms?

  1. Hair loss is hereditary

you are more likely to be a victim of hair loss if it runs in the family. Men whose father is bald or has been a victim of pattern baldness is also at a risk. Even if it is your mom, who has experienced badness, you too might be a victim. That means you are more likely to inherit baldness from either of your parents. That means you must learn how to deal with hair loss before it actually starts. But do not stress about it as chronic stress might trigger hair loss.

  1. Your hair is shedding

Hair loss is normal. Everyone loses some of their hair strands every day. So you do not have to panic about it as it is more likely to grow back. But if you at a high risk of baldness due to various other reasons, your hair shedding is abnormal. You might start to see hair thinning or crown balding.

A receding hairline is also a sign of baldness. It’s better to address the problem before it is too late.  Thinning hair around the temples is an indicator of hair shedding. Additionally, an M-shaped hairline also indicates that you are prone to balding.

  1. Your scalp is becoming more visible

Is your scalp becoming more visible? This is a sign that you are losing more hair. That is why you can see parts of your scalp through the hair. This will probably continue until bald spots start to appear.

  1. Your Hair Growth is slow

Hair grows about six inches every year. But if you are experiencing baldness, your hair growth takes little longer than normal. Unfortunately, your hair don’t seem to grow as thick as they used to be.

  1. People start noticing the change

Your family members are the first to notice that something is not normal with your hair. They might ask if you have had a new hair style. Some might even notice the actual change and ask if you are experiencing hair shedding.

What’s the best solution to balding?

True, balding is unwelcome for many. If you are traveling in the same boat as many people like you, worry not. There is a hair restoration solution that uses HD pigments to recreate the look of hair follicles. SMP, as it is known, will hide the signs of baldness and give you a look of full head of hair. The best pigments at DermMicro are formulated to match your skin color. SMP technicians would appreciate the fact that they do not need to dilute the ink in order to create the effect of a natural hairline. It’s all natural! Clients can enjoy a flawless look with HD pigments from DermMicro. It takes as little as 3 sessions to correct the problem of baldness.

DM HD inks are available on the DermMicro website.

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