How To Maintain SMP?

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Scalp micropigmentation is a unique hair restoration treatment that involves injecting matching pigments into the bald or thinning areas of the scalp. During the process, an SMP professional is responsible for creating multiple tattoos into the scalp that mimic individual hair follicles. While some people want to hide their receding hairline or thinning/balding hair, others opt for scalp micropigmentation to make their hair look fuller. However, after the procedure, SMP maintenance is important, especially in the early days of the procedure.

SMP Maintenance Tips

Scalp maintenance is easy and doesn’t involve a lot of efforts on your part. However, these scalp aftercare steps are important and a must to get the best results from the treatment.

Shield Scalp From Sun

Avoiding the sun is by far the most important way to maintain your scalp micropigmentation treatment. But if you need to go out, try to avoid direct sunlight by protecting your scalp from ultraviolet rays. Exposure to these harmful rays can damage the pigment and affect the longevity of SMP.

So using a sunscreen is important to shield your scalp from the effects of ultraviolet rays. DermMicro’s Zero Shine is a unique formulation that comes with SPF 30. The anti-shine solution is your go-to mattifying product to keep that shine away while protecting your scalp from the harmful effect of UV radiation. If you plan to spend extended periods in the sun, Zero Shine can shield your scalp from sun rays.  Besides, it can work on that shine post-shave. So you can get two benefits from one product.

Avoid Laser

Anything that can cause skin peeling must be avoided. Any laser or chemical treatment is a big NO at this time.  In fact, you may want to avoid any chemical peels or treatments at least a week before and after SMP. Peeling or scratching can cause skin scarring.

Stay away from sweating

Now you don’t want to sweat it out after scalp micropigmentation. Besides, you should also avoid any spicy foods that may cause sweating, which may hinder the ability to heal properly. Avoid swimming in chlorinated water that may affect the pigment.

Find a Good Moisturizer

Keeping your scalp moisturized is important to assisting the healing process and helping pigments last a longer time. You want to look for a cleanser that will moisturize the skin rather than drying it out. Any products that can dry the scalp may adversely affect the pigment. 

The color will appear very sharp after the procedure as it is still fresh and yet to settle properly. The color will gradually soften. Any excess pigment will rub off itself as the scalp heals. Keep a distance from alcohol-based products as it can cause itchy scars that cause discomfort.

Moisturizing the scars with a good quality skin-friendly solution will soothe an itchy, irritated skin.

DermMicro’s scalp aftercare kit is a complete solution for looking after your SMP treatment. The kit includes the best products to take care of post-SMP scalp. Order the best products today on DM store.

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