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How to Matte your head for dull shine look?

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

How do you dull a shiny head? True, this is one of the most distressing scenarios for most men. The shine on their head makes it look like a mirror. Let’s admit that a totally shaved head wears a glossy look. If you too love a matte bald look instead of a shiny head, you are fed up with the endless number of products sold on the market that claim to remove scalp shine. But the reality is different. A majority of products make tall claims alone and do not do what they are meant to.

A too dry scalp results in dandruff or flaky skin. When you don’t want your scalp to shine like a mirror, look for the right mattifying solution on the market.

What is a matte bald look?

Matte means non-oily and non-shiny. A matte bald head look means a non-shiny scalp. The experience with most men post-shave is a shiny bald head. Regular shaving can remove dead skin cells and keep the shiny scalp look under check.  Moisturizing your scalp is crucial to scalp health. A dry scalp is more likely to produce more sebum. When dirt and excess sebum get trapped in your pores, the result is oily shiny scalp. Many men associate this with a personality problem when their scalp shines.

How to get a matte bald head look?

There are ways to stop bald head shine. First things first, take your bald head grooming regime seriously. You want to stop that excess oil buildup at any cost. Remember, you cannot get a matte look if your pores are filled with oil. Washing your head regularly and properly is crucial to clear away excess sebum and dirt. This is the first step to getting that matte bald look. Your bald head is shiny due to excess oil buildup underneath the skin.

Besides cleaning, you want to get your hand on a product that keeps you looking nice and shine free. A smooth close shave is important to keep your head non-shiny and greasy.

Your head might also shine after a workout when your skin sweats. Sweating opens up pores. Open pores along with oil and dirt. The reason is that when the skin temperature rises due to physical activity, it begins to excrete sebum through the pores. Now the question is how to get a nice smooth shaved head without the shine?

Exfoliation will remove dirt and excess oil. Now you are ready to use a mattifying product that no only moisturizes the scalp but also acts as a sunblock. Is there a product that really stands up to these expectations?

Enter Zero Shine!

What is Zero Shine?

Zero Shine by DermMicro is an anti-shine mattifying solution that acts as a great matte sunscreen for a bald head. It is formulated with natural ingredients that are safe for the skin and do not cause any allergic reactions.

Besides, it can reduce the signs of wrinkles, making you look younger.  The SPF version is the most matte sunscreen in the world. Zero Shine is truly an amazing product that makes your bald head not shiny.

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