How to remove shine from a bald head?

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Scalp micropigmentation has been a life-changing experience for many guys out there. But there are some who have some reservations about that scalp shine that grabs all the attention after shave. These guys seriously want an actual fix to this issue. Welcome, Zero Shine.

If you had SMP, it’s best to choose a product that actually works. But what is the right ant-shine solution? Zero Shine from DermMicro does help get rid of the shine for hours. In fact, the mattifying moisturizer keeps the skin hydrated while staying put on the scalp long after you put it on. It does not wear off easily. Rather, you need Zero Shine Remover for that purpose.

Only a little amount is needed to create that matte look that stays for hours or without leaving any patches. This is the holy grail of removing shine after scalp micropigmentation. With the Zero Shine on, SMP looks great and natural.

Zero Shine Versus Anti-Shine Lotions

There are several matte products out there. All of which claim to reduce shine post-SMP. But they are quite disappointing. In fact, they are just lotions that don’t seem to have any mattifying effect in reducing, let alone remove, shine. Any shine on the scalp after SMP ruins the whole experience and makes it look fake.

When other products don’t seem to work, Zero Shine steals the show. This stuff is waterproof and does not get away easily. It lasts over a day and is an enemy to shine. Zero Shine 2.0 is an even improved version of its original product with additional features.

  • It’s SPF 30formulation makes it a perfect choice as a mattifying solution that removes shone while shielding your skin from harmful UV rays. So you can step out of your home with the Zero Shine on.
  • What’s more, it reduces wrinkles and freckles too, making you look younger. So you can flaunt your SMP look fuss free.
  • It does not leave any patches or marks, which is typical of other products on the market.
  • It does not wear off easily and stays for 20-24 hours at a stretch.
  • Sweat or water does not have any effect on Zero Shine, which makes it an excellent anti-shine solution.
  • It hydrates the skin and keeps it moisturized all day long. So you don’t need anything else to hydrate the scalp.
  • The SPF version is the most matte sunscreen in the world.
  • You only need a pea sized amount of the mattifying solution on your fingers and rub on your shiny scalp.
  • It uses natural ingredients and is not formulated with harmful drying chemicals, which makes Zero Shine a perfect matte skin solution for those with sensitivity issues. Think of vitamin E oil, organic brown rice, jojoba and sandalwood oil, and demineralized water.
  • It starts to work almost instantly and helps stop glare on a shiny head.

How to Buy Zero Shine

Well, if you are impressed with Zero Shine 2.0 to add that microscopic texture on your bald scalp shine, place your order on the DM website. It’s quick and easy.

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