Is Micropigmentation of the Scalp Safe?

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Are you planning to go for scalp micropigmentation for hair loss? True, you might be wondering if it is safe. There are always pros and cons with every procedure out there. Now that you are looking to conceal hair loss, SMP does look like a viable solution to clean up their hairline. Yes, you can easily rock a short stubble look. So should we consider SMP a safe option for hair loss?

Is SMP Safe?

Choose the right hands for the procedure and you will reduce chances of risk significantly. Now the question is: why is a scalp artist important here? Well, an experienced scalp practitioner can deliver natural-looking results. on the other hand, an unskilled, inexperienced tattoo artist could ruin your personality with bad SMP.  

A scalp professional works in a clean, harmless, and comfortable environment to ensure that the procedure is safe for all.

SMP uses tattoo ink to color the bald patches with matching ink and creating dots that mimic hair follicles. The best scalp artist tries to give you a look that replicates a buzz cut. Here the type and quality of products and equipment used matter a lot. In fact, they can determine the end result as well as the success of the procedure.

An experienced SMP professional ensures a sterilized environment for clients, where they can enjoy the experience of hair tattooing without worrying about its safety.

The Safety Aspect


Unless you are allergic to colors, SMP is safe for you. Some people might be allergic to ink and develop a rash when the pigment is applies. In that case, a scalp professional does a patch test to see if the client has any allergies before starting the procedure.

Heavy Metals

Some SMP clinics use low-grade ink, which could contain chemicals and heavy metals. As a result, some clients with sensitive skin might develop adverse reactions. Look for scalp micropigmentation clinics that use quality SMP pigments.

Needle Safety

Another concern is the needle safety. The needle and pen must be properly sterilized before use. Hygiene is critically important. Look for a professional SMP clinic that follows every safety and sterile protocol. They make sure all needles, metals, machines, and gloves are clean and safe.

Scalp micropigmentation is safe.

Will I Regret Scalp Micropigmentation?

When performed by a professional scalp artist, SMP is less likely to be a failure. Top SMP practitioners use highly sterilized equipment and quality products for the procedure so they can create the results you seek.

SMP is a permanent hair restoration treatment that hide scalp flaws and creates unbelievably realistic results. You can expect to see a renewed sense of self-confidence when you trust the right person with the job. The best scalp artists make cleanliness and client satisfaction our top priorities.

DermMicro is committed to SMP excellence and continues to develop products that promote a sterile environment for the procedure. There SMP sterile pen jackets are the best-in-class covers for the DM Pen. They are designed with a smaller tip that make it easier to screw in the needle and lock the sterile cover so that it stays intact during the procedure. The best thing about this product is that they fit the tattoo pen snugly, unlike other pen covers available that are loose and leave areas of the tattoo pen exposed. There is no risk of exposure to contaminants.

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