SMP Aftercare FAQs

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What should you avoid after scalp micropigmentation?

First things first, you want to protect your SMP from direct sunlight at any cost. So do not walk out into the sun after scalp micropigmentation. As the pigment is still fresh, harmful ultra violet rays can result in ink fading. Now you want to apply a moisturizer and sunscreen that comes with SPF 30.

Try to avoid tanning beds until the skin heals. In fact, your focus should be to keep the skin hydrated. Using a quality moisturizer or hydrating cream is the best aftercare tip.

Can I swim after SMP?

Swimming is passion for some while it is a hobby for others. But if you have just undergone scalp micropigmentation, you don’t want to enter the pool. The idea is to avoid any contact with harsh chemicals that could be present in the pool water. Avoid swimming until you have completely healed. Chlorine in the pool can cause fading. Give your scalp at least 7-10 days to heal and avoid swimming at any cost during this time.

Now you also want to avoid any products on the treated areas until the skin has healed thoroughly.

Can I drink alcohol after scalp micropigmentation?

If possible, try to avoid alcohol 2-3 days before and after the procedure. There should be no harm in taking alcohol in moderation after SMP.

When should I moisturize my scalp after SMP?

SMP aftercare begins right after your hair restoration procedure. Wait for four days after treatment before using any moisturizer on your scalp. You want to allow complete healing of the skin so that there are no allergic reactions that could cause problems for the skin and affect healing.

Before applying a good moisturizer, you should shower and gently pat dry. Now apply a natural moisturizer that will help keep dryness and flaky skin away and keep the skin hydrated. Avoid using any alcohol or chemical products on your skin. Rather, look for scalp aftercare products formulated with natural ingredients.

 What are the best SMP aftercare products?

‍DermMicro scalp aftercare kit comes with everything you need to look after your scalp after SMP. There is a Restore Ointment, which is formulated to help with healing. It also clears up irritation and soothes the skin. Start using the ointment as soon as you reach home.

The kit also includes a Cleanse Shampoo, which is medically formulated to assist with healing. You want to use the shampoo the same night of the procedure before going to bed. Be gentle with your skin and pat it dry. Then again apply Restore Ointment.

Continue with this scalp aftercare regime for the first 7 days.

A week after the final session, it’s okay to change the routine and wash the head every 2-3 days. DM SMP aftercare kit makes it easy to look after your scalp following the procedure.

The kit also comes complete with Restore Lotion, which is like a moisturizer to hydrate the scalp. It is recommended to continue using the lotion even after the skin is healed. This will help keep dryness away.

You can place your order for DM SMP aftercare products on DermMicro website.

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