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The Best Tips for An Anti-Shine Scalp

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

A shining head is an unwelcome sight. When a scalp shines, it draws attention. When you undergo scalp micropigmentation, you can take care of the shine to an extent. However, natural oil production from the scalp continues. So the scalp starts to shine. How can you get rid of the head shine?

Anti-shine tips

Get rid of the sweat

When you don’t want that head to shine, make sure the sweat is cleaned as soon as you perspire. Sweat can make your head shine more. So keeping the head clear of the sweat is a step toward controlling the shine. Using a gentle exfoliator is a good way to clear off dead skin, dirt, and excess sebum.

Avoid the sun

Your scalp starts producing more oil when it sweats. If you make frequent trips outdoors into the sunlight, your scalp is prone to shining like a mirror. You should try to avoid excess sun exposure to prevent the body’s reaction to sun exposure. What’s more, excess sweat can spread scalp oil down your hair strands, making an oily hair problem worse.

Go for SMP

Scalp micropigmentation will help create a buzz-cut look on a bald head to mitigate the effects of shine. The stubble diffusion absorbs light and creates a less reflective surface. As a result, it controls shine on the scalp.

Shave against the grain

Another way to control head shine is to shave close with clippers and avoid shaving super close with a foil or even a blade. This is true for people with a slight stubble.

Use a mattifying moisturizer

Applying a moisturizer is the right way to soothe a scalp post-shave. However, not all moisturizers are made alike. Some can create extra shine due to the light bouncing off the head. But can you take the risk of avoiding moisturizer? Of course, not! You need it during the healing process and prevent dryness of the scalp.

Find a premium quality anti-shine mattifier that not only locks the shine but also keeps the scalp moisturized. The best mattifying lotions are formulated with organic ingredients to provide a lasting shine-free effect without over drying the scalp. Zero Shine is the best anti-scalp shine moisturizer for post-scalp micropigmentation.

Many SMP clients choose Zero Shine to absorb excess oil for a lasting matte effect that stays for 24 hours without wearing off due to sweat. Being a waterproof product, it starts to work almost instantly to arrest excess oil and keep the skin young.

Is scalp shine bad?

No, scalp shine isn’t bad. Rather, it is a good sign that the skin is healthy and producing sebum to ward off skin infections. However, a shiny head can be a cause of anxiety for some people. So there are some anti-shine products to keep SMP shine under control.

Zero Shine is the star of the anti-shine show and starts to work almost as soon as you apply the mattifier on your scalp. It is the go-to mattifying moisturizer for many young men already, who love its almost immediate anti-shine effects. So what are you waiting for? Zero Shine gets a clear edge over all other mattifying products on the market. Order it today on DermMicro website.

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