The Best Tips To Care for Scalp After SMP

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Scalp micropigmentation is undoubtedly one of the most effective ways to treat hair loss. Although it is not a hair growth treatment, it does help hide the scalp problems that have been troubling you. So what is so special about scalp micropigmentation that has helped it become one of the most popular hair restoration options? Well, it is one of the most effective ways to hide hair loss and other scalp problems, including visible hair transplant scars, thinning hair, bald patches, and receding hairline. Though the procedure is a revolution in the treatment of hair loss, it requires a few essential aftercare tips to get the best results for a long time.

What is SMP Aftercare?

Moisturize Regularly

A healthy skin is one that is properly moisturized. On the other hand, dry, flaky skin is not healthy. So in order to keep your scalp healthy after SMP, keep it well moisturized. Use good quality skin moisturizers that are not alcohol based. You don’t want to invest in a moisturizer that makes your scalp shine like a mirror. In that case, you will need a mattifying solution that not only mattifies the scalp but also moisturizes it.

Zero Shine is one of the most powerful scalp anti-shine solutions on the market that reduces head shine while still keeping it nourished.

Keep it Clean

Use quality scalp cleansers to keep it clean and clear of dandruff. Look for products that contain natural organic ingredients and do not cause scalp shine. You may also want to avoid products that breed fungi, resulting in fungal growth.

Apply Sunscreen

No, you cannot forget sunscreen when it comes to SMP aftercare. In fact, shielding your scalp from harmful UV rays is more important than anything else after scalp micropigmentation. Now you want to choose products that are easy to apply and provide adequate UV protection.

Solar radiation can not only harm the skin but also the pigment. Look for a sunscreen with SPF 30+ so that it is powerful enough to prevent skin damage in the sun. Put on a hat when you walk out into the sun as a shield for your sensitive scalp. Remember, too much exposure to the sun might result in pigment discoloration. You would never want that, right?

Wash Your Scalp

Keeping your scalp clean is important. So washing it 2-3 times a week can help improve scalp hygiene. Give it a gentle wash and stay dedicated to your scalp grooming routine. There are some quality shampoo options on the market. DermMicro is known for its best-selling SMP aftercare kit.

What’s special about DM Scalp Aftercare Kit?

It comes as a complete aftercare package with cleanse shampoo, restore ointment, and restore lotion. While the ointment heals and soothes an irritated skin, the shampoo is especially formulated with soothing and cleansing agents to aid with healing. You will love the restore lotion for its healing properties. Use it immediately after every shower to moisturize the skin and assist with healing.

What’s more, the kit comes with usage instructions and a sample of Zero Shine, which goes a long way in helping reduce shine after SMP.

So what are you waiting for? Place your order NOW!


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