Tips to Reduce Shine on a Bald Head

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Unless you are ready to accept baldness, you are not in the right mood as far as your head appearance is concerned, especially if your bald scalp reflects light and grabs eyeballs. So that affects your self-esteem and you want to cut the glare at any cost and minimize that unwanted gleam. Let’s see a few tips below to reduce scalp shine:

Exfoliation can help

You want to get rid of dead skin cells on your scalp. You might not be aware that when these cells mix with scalp oils, they create a grimy film. Gently exfoliate the scalp regularly to lift away the debris and reduce greasy buildup that easily clogs pores. Once you are done with scrubbing, rinse thoroughly and pat dry with a towel.

Use Drying Shampoo

Of course, scalp hygiene cannot be ignored if you want to get rid of head shine. You may want to look for a mild drying shampoo that strips away grease.

Wear Breathable Hats and Headgear

You don’t want to wear tight hats to trap heat and sweat. If that happens, it could easily exacerbate oil and sweat buildup. Invest in well-ventilated hats that allow your scalp to breathe and also shield your skin from harsh ultraviolet rays.

Cut Back on Scalp Moisturizing

Yes, you have read that right. You do not want to invest in an overly hydrating moisturizer that leaves your scalp oily and greasy. Of course, you don’t want your scalp to dry out as that might cause a series of scalp problems and even exacerbate oil production. Look for moisturizers that aren’t greasy and oily but provide proper hydration to your scalp.

Avoid Direct Scalp Sun Exposure

The sebaceous glands start to produce more sebum when exposed to heat or sunlight. As a result, you start to see more grease and shine on your bald head. A good quality SPF 30+ sunscreen moisturizer holds the key to protecting your scalp from damaging sun rays.

Either reduce your scalp exposure to the sun or invest in a quality SPF sunscreen, like Zero Shine.

Embrace Shine

While minimizing scalp shine takes time and you may need some trial and error, are you ready to embrace that shine? If you still have reservations about rocking your bald look, go for Zero Shine.

You won’t find a better alternative elsewhere to reduce shine from a bald head. With Zero Shine, you can rock your look with confidence and without worrying about a gleaming bald scalp.

Which is the Best Anti-shine?

As already stated, Zero Shine is the first choice for those looking for a solution to their shining head problem. formulated with organic ingredients that do not clog pores, Zero Shine is waterproof and has a matte effect on your scalp.

That means a pint size goes a long way in concealing that shine that you have always wanted to hide. What’s more, what gets people talking about Zero Shine is its SPF formulation that adds another star to the world’s top mattifier for people with scalp micropigmentation.

Go for Zero Shine and say good-bye to scalp shine. Place your order now on DermMicro website.

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