What is the best anti-shine SMP Product?

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Having a shiny scalp is an unwelcome sight. No doubt, there are a few men who usually do not worry about the glossy head. But there are others who are not too proud to wear that gleaming look. These men are always looking for the right anti-shine product to get rid of scalp shine. In fact, these men seek a more matte look. That shine on your head after shave is primarily due to the lack of hair as well as more sebum production. Some scalps produce more sebum than others. As the skin without hair is white, it tends to reflect light. On the other hand, dark absorbs light and does not shine.

Scalp micropigmentation by SMP experts is performed in different layers of fine dots. These dots mimic the appearance of fresh stubble. Some scalp practitioners focus on the base skin tone in the first session to create a light shadow effect. The following session focuses on filling the tiny dots with more dots. The focus is also on doubling the density. What does that help with? The goal is to take away the light skin color and replace it with a dark fresh stubble. But if you still experience that shiny head after every shave, you are bound to feel irritated. That’s true.

There are tips to minimize scalp shine.


How close do you shave? This is the important factor in determining the extent of scalp shine. A totally shaved head is more likely to appear glossy compared with that with some sort of texture. So in order to reduce scalp shine, choose a zero buzz cut style. Or even a close shave should help reduce the appearance of a shiny head. While SMP adds faux texture to the scalp and give the illusion of stubble, shaving the head closely will further help minimize a shiny scalp appearance.

A wet shave is recommended to achieve a buzz cut look. Even shaving with the grain of the will allow some amount of hair on the scalp that can absorb light and reduce a shining scalp.

Manage scalp oil

Your skin naturally produces oil, known as sebum, for lubrication so that it does not dry out. But some skin types produce more oil than others. As a result, they shine more than others. Exfoliation can remove dead skin cells and dirt that can easily clog pores. However, the scalp is bound to become oily as the day progresses. Keeping it clean and clear can help reduce the shine. Keep the skin hydrated to prevent more sebum production. Dryness often encourages the skin to produce more sebum.  

Keep the sweat away

A sweating scalp shines more. Avoid stepping out in the sun without a head cover. The goal is to prevent the direct rays of the sun to hit your head. Besides, if you’re hitting the gym, your scalp shine will be more as sweating will make the head appear shiny.

A good moisturizer can keep the skin hydrates. But it is crucial to use the right products. Harsh or chemical products can cause quick fading of the pigment, increasing the SMP shine. Protect your scalp with the most matte moisturizer on the planet that can reduce shine and help you maintain a matte look for longer.

Is There Any Mattifying Solution That Works?

There’s one that actually works to minimize the effect of a shiny head. A shining scalp can reduce your confidence levels. Choosing the best anti-shine solution is the way forward. additionally, it is important to practice a healthy scalp care routine.

Zero Shine from DermMicro gives the matte effect that you want. It is waterproof, which means it works even when you sweat out. The all-natural moisturizing formulation does not clog pores and moisturizes the skin. It is your go-to anti-shine solution to keep that scalp shine away.

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