What Tools Do You Need for Micropigmentation?

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You cannot use tattoo tools for scalp micropigmentation. There is special equipment for SMP. From a treatment chair to lighting and right micropigmentation tools, SMP requires specialized environment. The goal is to create a comfortable treatment environment as patients are required to spend 4-5 hours per session.

Besides, the seat where you sit for administering treatment is important too. You want a comfortable seat that can keep your posture straight and prevent back pain. The stool should prevent straining while you work on patients.

Photo Lighting Kit

You may want to invest in a photo lighting kit to showcase your work. The lighting system is crucial to capture before and after photos so you can display your work. The pictures will be your valuable advertising tools.

Pencils for Sketching Hairlines

Nobody is doubting your skills as a scalp artist. But you want to be perfect in everything you do with your craft. The first step in inking a scalp is a scalp pencil to sketch hairlines before actually going ahead with micropigmentation.

Use the best quality scalp pencils made with ultra soft oil that suits all skin types without causing irritation. The oil also makes gliding easier. It allows for easy application as well as removal. Mark the client’s skin with DermMicro 3 in 1 Scalp marking pencils.

The 2-pack set of pencils comes in Black and White colors. The scalp marking pencils are designed with a ruler on one side that ensures accurate measurements. Besides, there is a sharpener built into the cap to sharpen the pencil whenever required. SMP pencils will make the whole process run smoothly.

Needles & Pigment

You need the right type of needle to create realistic SMP results for clients.  Scalp artists use refined needles to create the right sized hair tattoos that look real. Needles are crucial to getting the best results as they help create a perfect dot impression that looks like hair tattoos.

When it comes to micropigmentation, a god quality pigment does not have a match.

DM HD pigments are one of the best out there. They appear black in the bottle, and their true color reflects when removed in a white back ground. There are three main types of DermMicro pigments.

Pigment HD-C is formulated to suit Caucasian population. The best candidates for this pigment are those with white, blonde, brown, and red hair. DM Pigment HD-M is a best-seller for the Middle East, Asian, Hispanic, Native American, Spanish Italian Greek population. HD-B is formulated to suit the Indian, African, and Black population.

DermMicro pigment is the first choice for most hair transplant surgeons, who also perform SMP. The DM HD pigment is known for its efficacy and durability and ability not to migrate, blur, or change color.

Order the best quality SMP tools on DermMicro website. They have some of the best HD pigments and specialize in scar pigment. Besides, their scalp pencils make life easier for SMP practitioners to create flawless hairlines.

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