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Why Bald Heads Are Often Shiny?

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

Bald heads shine and there are solid reasons behind the theory. No doubt, it’s a frustrating reality for many men faced with a shiny bald head. But understanding the causes can help them take steps to reduce shiny head problem. There are several structural factors that make bald heads adept at reflecting light than those covered with hair.

Shine on your bald head is the result of excess oil production, known as sebum. The sebaceous glands naturally produce oil. Since there is no surface hair to reflect the light falling on a bald head, it bounces off and makes the scalp shine.

This oil mixes with lipids and lubricates the skin. Sebum helps in the creation of a protective layer, which retains moisture on the surface. With no hair, the scalp secretes oil that creates a slick appearance.

Everyone does not produce the same amount of oil.

Tips To Get Rid of the Shine on Bald Head?

A scalp cleansing routine can help

You can get rid of the shine if you practice a scalp care regime, which involves exfoliation and cleaning it with a good cleanser. Exfoliation scrubs away dead cells and debris.

Avoid the use of shampoos that are formulated with harsh or chemical ingredients. Look for a gentle shampoo formulated for oily skin on bald heads. This can help reduce shine on a bald head.

Use a quality moisturizer to hydrate the skin. Dry scalp produces more oil. Avoid products that are oil based, as they might worsen the experience.

Scalp micropigmentation

What is the best treatment for a bald head? The revolutionary technique of scalp micropigmentation promises to be a solution to the problem. SMP can inject pigments into the dermis, breaking up light continuity on the scalp.

Sun screen

Avoid oil-based sunscreen lotions that can aggravate the problem and result in scalp shine. Use SPF formulations that shield your scalp from harmful ultraviolet rays without making your head shinier.

Matte Moisturizers

How do I stop my bald head from being shiny?  You want to invest in mattifying moisturizers that create a “matte finish” with its light diffusing particles.

If you seek a reliable solution to the problem of a bald shiny head, go for Zero Shine – the best mattifier on the planet.

What sets Zero Shine apart from the rest in the market is that it is a moisturizer and a sunblock. It mattifies your scalp, keeping the anti-shine look for at least 24 hours.

The matte solution is easy to apply and water proof. That means it does not wear off easily even if you sweat a lot. What’s more, the product does not clog pores. So you don’t have to worry about acne or pimple breakouts.

Zero Shine comes with SPF 50, which makes it a powerful sunblock that is not oily but moisturizes your scalp. what makes it unique is that it is a potent mattifier that keeps your scalp moisturized without creating any oily impression. Formulated with organic skin-friendly ingredients, the anti-shine product is the best solution for SMP clients with a shiny head.

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