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Why Does My SMP Keep Fading?

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

SMP is believed to be a permanent hair restoration solution, which is non-invasive and painless. Ideally you should not need a touch-up up to 4-5 years. However, in some cases, scalp micropigmentation may fade for a few reasons. Now you might be wondering why does SMP keep fading for you while it has stayed good for years for your friend. Let’s discuss different factors that cause SMP fading in detail. Luckily, those SMP fading factors can be controlled so you do not have to deal with faded pigment.

Why does SMP Keep Fading?

There are two types of factors that could be blamed for fading of the pigment. Intrinsic and extrinsic. While some factors are more intrinsic and not in your control, others are external and can be addressed easily. Natural exfoliation of the skin can cause your pigment to fade. The reason is simple.

Your immune system will attack foreign particles and try to get rid of it. In this case, SMP pigment is seen as a foreign object that the immune system tries to attack. To address this type of internal fading, you cannot do a lot but opt for touch-up sessions to revive the faded pigment. If you choose to go with touch-ups, you may not need a full touch-up for years. In that case, your SMP will give you long-lasting results.

External Factors and SMP Fading

Sun factor

You cannot deny that ultraviolet rays of the sun can harm your skin as well as SMP. That’s the reason clients are always advised to follow SMP aftercare tips and avoid the sun as much as possible. Better still, if you cannot avoid the sun, at least wear a quality sunblock that shields your scalp from the damaging rays of the sun. when it comes to buying sunscreen, look for one with a minimum sun protection factor of 30.

Now you might be wondering as to how the sun harms the pigment.

Well, UV rays can fade the vibrancy of the pigment. The UV wavelength can easily break down the ink particles, thus resulting in the fading of the pigment.  


As time passes by, the pigment may fade because your immune system is actively working against the ink particles and breaking them down. Gradually, it can soak up the ink and flush it off the body. SMP pigment is deposited beneath the epidermis on the top layer of dermis. At this depth, macrophage cells see it as a foreign object and launch action against it. The extent of fading in this case may vary from one individual to another, depending on skin type and exposure to the sun. what does that mean?

While some people may experience more fading, others may not see significant changes.

Inexperienced Practitioner

One factor that no one can deny is the role of SMP artists in scalp micropigmentation. Get it done by a tattoo artist, and that might be the worst decision in your life. Scalp micropigmentation involves skills and knowledge. Without this, nobody can work on delivering immaculate results. You cannot expect a tattoo artist to do that for you. They are not trained in scalp micropigmentation and thus deliver a low quality SMP ink. Worst still, they are not even aware of the correct depth of pigment administration, which is different from body art tattooing.

Remember to look for expert hands for your scalp micropigmentation. So do your homework to check their certification, skills, and expertise. You should also try to explore client portfolio before committing to their services. Get a sense of what level of experience they have in delivering the kind of results you seek.

Price should be one of the factors to decide who you should go with. But it should not be the sole factor.

You do not want to choose an unqualified SMP practitioner or a tattoo artist for scalp micropigmentation. Choose only expert SMP professionals in Arizona, who know their craft better than thousand others in the crowd.

Ignoring SMP Aftercare

Some clients feel that their job is over once they have got SMP. But their job actually begins now. SMP aftercare is not rigorous yet critical. You cannot ignore the importance of proper aftercare as far as scalp micropigmentation is concerned. It is crucial to focus on healing during this period and take steps to help your body’s self-healing mechanism.

Avoid any scalp care products that contain alcohol in any form. Do not forget to moisturize and cleanse the scalp as per your practitioner’s instructions. When you keep your scalp hydrated, you are taking steps to prevent dryness and potential fading.

Scalp aftercare kit available at DermMicro is a bestseller. You will find everything you need to care for your sensitive scalp after SMP. With regular aftercare, you can enjoy an amazing micropigmentation experience.

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