Why is a bald head so shiny?

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A bald head is more likely to shine like a mirror. Anyone with bald spots or a short haircut will experience that scalp shine. But if the shininess of your head is making you feel self-conscious, then you are looking for a solution to the problem. before sharing the solution, let’s first understand the causative factor.

Science behind shiny heads

The simple answer to the question “why bald heads shine” is the buildup of oil produced by sebaceous glands found next to your hair follicles. The oil oozes out from the sebaceous gland, and the scalp is more likely to feel oily and shiny if it is unclean. No, you cannot control your glands when it comes to oil production by them. But the amount of oil produced in everyone’s body is different. The oil is crucial to keeping the skin moisturized but too much of it shines on your scalp, giving you a shiny scalp.

Now that you understand the science behind a shiny head, this doesn’t mean you have to live with the lack of self-esteem because your scalp shines like a mirror.  There are certainly products on the market to help prevent scalp shine. But you should also practice a few tips to keep your scalp healthy by keeping it clean and without dirt buildup.

  • Exfoliation is a good way to scrub your scalp.
  • Use a shampoo that helps control oil.
  • Choose the best matting products that reduce scalp shine due to excessive oil
  • Avoid using products that dry out your scalp, resulting in a dry, flaky skin
  • Don’t sweat out too much

What’s the best mattifying solution on the market?

Anyone with a short haircut often struggles with a shiny scalp. Some with scalp micropigmentation may also experience the problem of a shiny bald head. Follow the self-care regime religiously and get your hands on the best anti-glare products that have mattifying properties for bald head.

There are a number of products to reduce shine but not everything available on the store shelves works to reduce the shine on your scalp. Some might even leave it overly dry.

Zero Shine is one of the best mattifying solutions available that is formulated with natural ingredients that hide a shiny head. The specially formulated wax dispels your doubts and mattifies a shiny head for over 24 hours.  What’s more, it comes with SPF protection, is waterproof, and moisturizing. That means you can walk in the sun or swim in the pool when you have Zero Shine on your scalp.  The anti-shine wax is a must-have in your post-SMP aftercare regime to preserve your SMP procedure and enjoy a matte effect.

The product does not use any drying chemicals and protects your skin with a matte finish. The long-lasting Zero Shine does not clog pores and is easy to apply. A little goes a long way in keeping your scalp shine away. So what are you waiting for?

If that shining scalp is giving you a tough time, place your Zero Shine order today on DM website. There’s no other mattifying solution that comes close!

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