Your Guide to Zero Shine Remover

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If you have embraced a bald head, it might seem like an endless war to battle shine. When the sun glints off your dome or light bounces off the scalp, you might not be too happy with the look. Here’s when Zero Shine enters the game as an effective solution against a shiny head.

The Shine Saga

Why do you get scalp shine? Well, that unwanted gleam could be the result of environmental factors, natural scalp oils, and even leftover product residues. The head shine may continue despite scalp micropigmentation, especially when exposed to direct light, creating a disco ball effect on your head.

So when you do not like your shiny head look, a matte, velvety finish looks attractive. This is where Zero Shine steps in, promising to get rid of the shine and leave your scalp looking serenely subdued. The matte effect might look more attractive to someone with a bald shiny head.

What Makes Zero Shine a Must-Have for Those Looking for A Matte Effect

For a non-greasy scalp, Zero Shine is a hero. It has solved the scalp shine problem by helping remove the shine from your head and keep it mattified for 24 hours.  Easy to apply, the waterproof mattifier can be worn in the swimming pool. The all-natural moisturizer uses no drying chemicals and is safe for use.

The specially formulated wax protects your scalp from excessive oil secretion, creating a matte finish and eliminating shine.

Besides hiding the shine, it hydrates the skin without giving it a glow. It soothes and mattifies the scalp in equal measure.

Application is easy. Work the Zero Shine gently into the head covering all the areas that shine in circular motions. The goal is to distribute it evenly.

While Zero Shine is your anti-shine hero, it is tough to remove. Plain water cannot remove the mattifier. So what next? How do you get rid of it?

Enter Zero Shine Remover

DermMicro has come up with Zero Shine Remover to remove ZeroShine. It is a valuable weapon in your anti-shine arsenal. No doubt, Zero Shine possesses incredible mattifying power, but its ability to be waterproof makes it last long on your scalp. that means you cannot remove it easily. Now you want to get rid of it to continue with your scalp hygiene regime. Of course, you don’t want to pile on Zero Shine every day. 

Formulated with natural ingredients, ZSR is a potent tool to get rid of the world’s best scalp mattifier. It is easy to use too. Just dip your finger into ZSR and rub in on the parts with Zero Shine. Now you are a step away from removing Zero Shine. Rinse the anti-shine solution off and your scalp shine will be restored.

What next?

Well, reapply Zero Shine the next time you want to hide that shiny head. It’s as easy as that.

Place your Zero Shine order online on DermMicro website now.

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