Zero Shine: The Ultimate Solution To Stop Scalp Shine Post-Shave

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Since many clients must shave their head for best scalp micropigmentation results, they might not be too happy with the shine on their scalp. Typically, a shaved scalp shines more than other parts of the body. With SMP, you might have this apprehension of having a darker head that shines, and this very thought hurts you more. No doubt, proper care after SMP is important to prevent any oily buildup that reflects on your scalp after you shave.

Here are a few tips to get started:


You don’t want excessive oil buildup on your scalp, especially after SMP. Washing your head regularly is a step in the right direction. Avoid using any strong cleansing solution. Rinse it with water and pat it dry gently.


After your scalp micropigmentation, you want to step out only with an oil-free sunblock of SPF 30.


Now when it comes to preventing dryness after frequently washing the scalp, you want to choose an oil-free mattifying moisturizer. This should help you avoid a rough scalp.


If you sweat a lot, your skin might look shiny, including a shaved scalp. You may need to gently wipe clean sweat from the scalp and even use a matte powder to prevent the shine.

But these are not foolproof ways to prevent a shining scalp. Now you want the answer to the question: How do I prevent my scalp from being so shiny?

Scalp micropigmentation may not help much to get rid of the shine, though it might make the scalp look a little less shiny.


You might be surprised to learn that the way you choose to shave your head has an effect on how it looks after the shaving session. Since you need to shave regularly, shaving in the direction of hair growth is the right thing to do. Most scalp experts will advise you that this produces a grainy effect that absorbs light. The idea is to avoid having a plain scalp that does not have hair growth to absorb light. Such scalp may look oilier and shinier.

Get Your Hands on Zero Shine

If following the aforementioned steps seems like a hassle, reach out to Zero Shine by DermMicro. The product is especially designed to reduce shininess on someone’s head after getting SMP done. When that shine is minimized, SMP looks even more realistic. Zero Shine provides protection from the sun. you can apply the product similar to a deodorant. The best thing about the anti-shine mattifying solution is that it never dries out fully or stays wet/shiny.  Additionally, the anti-shine solution does not dry, crack, and fall off, unlike some alkaline solutions in the market.

The mattifier helps keep your scalp looking matte and not shiny. All in all, implementing proper SMP aftercare procedures is a step in the right direction to ensure that the tattoo lasts long. By adding a mattifier like Zero Shine in your aftercare regime, you can enjoy a head that’s shine-free.

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