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Hate that Shiny Scalp? What to do?

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

There is a taboo associated with a shinning scalp. You don’t want that luster to show on your freshly shaved scalp, right? If you are unhappy with that glow on your head and looking for a way out of the shine, you can trust Zero Shine for its proven anti-shine mattifying effects.

What is Zero Shine

Formulated with natural ingredients, Zero Shine does not use harmful chemicals. After getting SMP done, you don’t want any other blots in your personality, and rightly so. However, one thing to worry about or watch out for is a shiny scalp after you shave your head following scalp micropigmentation. That shininess might cause the new "hair" to look not so realistic. You don’t want this to happen because it might grab eyeballs to your scalp.

Luckily, the anti-shine gel, Zero Shine, has solved the problem with its matte effect. It keeps your scalp mattified for over 24 hours.  The best is that it is waterproof and you can even wear it to the pool.  Now you don’t need to worry about the scary shine that dampens your personality. The specially formulated wax protects your scalp with its anti-glare matte finish.

Here are the features that made Zero Shine the first choice for scalp artists.

  • Removes Shine
  • Is anti-Shine
  • Is mattifying

Since there is no hair to absorb scalp oil or follicles to create a textured look, Zero Shine comes to the rescue. The mattifying lotion helps stop SMP shine on a bald head with its microscopic texture, creating a matte scalp that you have always wanted. It is easy to use too. Just pat the anti-shine lotion onto your head to create the mattify scalp look.

While the product is a life-saver for clients looking for a matte effect, Zero Shine is hard to remove with plain water. You need Zero Shine remover to get rid of it. No doubt, Zero Shine is loved for its incredible mattifying power, it is not easy to remove. Now you might wonder why you need to remove the mattifying lotion.

Well, it is difficult to shave your head with Zero Shine sitting on your scalp. What’s more, you may want to remove the lotion for hygiene because you don’t want it to keep piling on your head every day. 

If you use soap and water,  you will need a micro fiber towel to rub your head.  Here comes Zero Shine remover to take the hassle out of removing the mattifying lotion.

How Does Zero Shine Remover Work?

All you need to do is rub the Zero Shine Remover on areas that have a coating of Zero Shine. The gel makes it easier to get rid of the anti-shine solution. Then you will just need to rinse off the ZSR. It’s quick and super easy.

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