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Home Remedies To Deal with a Greasy Scalp

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

A shiny scalp, often caused by excess oil production, can be a source of frustration for many people. It can not only affect your appearance but also lead to feelings of self-consciousness and a desire to find solutions. Let's delve deeper into the causes of a greasy scalp, explore some popular home remedies and see if they actually work to reduce scalp shine.

Why Your Scalp Gets Greasy?

There is not one cause of a shiny scalp but several factors might contribute to making your head greasy. A scalp looks shiny especially if there are no head on hair to refract light.

Overactive Sebaceous Glands

Your sebaceous glands are like tiny oil factories that produce sebum, a natural oil that lubricates your scalp and hair. However, hormonal fluctuations, stress, or even a poor diet can trigger them into overdrive, leading to a greasy scalp.

Hormonal Fluctuations

Changes in hormone levels throughout life, especially during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause, can disrupt sebum production and leave your scalp feeling slick.

Dietary Choices

A diet high in processed foods and unhealthy fats can contribute to overall oiliness, including on your scalp. Sugary drinks and dairy products might also be culprits for some people.

Stress can Take a Toll

Stress can worsen many skin conditions, and scalp oiliness is no exception. When you're stressed, your body releases hormones that can stimulate sebum production.

Home Remedies for a Greasy Scalp

While a greasy scalp can be frustrating, there are several home remedies you can try:

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse

Its mild acidity can help remove excess oil and balance the pH of your scalp. Remember to rinse thoroughly to avoid irritation.

Tea Tree Oil's Balancing Act

Tea tree oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can help regulate oil production. However, it's potent, so always dilute it with a carrier oil like jojoba oil before applying it to your scalp.

Lemon Juice for a Clarifying Cleanse

Lemon juice can be helpful in removing excess oil due to its acidic nature. However, it can be drying, so dilute it with water and avoid frequent use.

Zero Shine: A Potential Alternative to Home Remedies

When all home remedies have temporary effect on head shine, what else can you do to reduce shine?

Welcome Zero Shine as a potential alternative to home remedies for reducing scalp shine. What makes Zero Shine a star of the show here is its ever-lasting matte finish. It provides a long-lasting matte effect on your scalp, effectively reducing that unwanted shine.

A little goes a long way since it is waterproof. That also means no worrying about sweating out in the gym or outdoors. Zero Shine is your sun shield as well as mattifying formula that can last up to 24 hours without reapplication, potentially offering convenience throughout the day.

Last but not the least, it is formulated with organic brown rice, vitamin E oil, and other natural oils, which might be appealing to those who prefer natural solutions for their scalp concerns.

This means there are no chemicals in the product and you can confidently slather the mattifying solution on your scalp to combat your shiny head problem. what’s more, the natural anti-shine formula does not clog pores so there’s no chance of breakouts.

All in all, it is a complete mattifying formula to reduce SMP scalp shine. So why are you not placing your order?

It’s easy to do on DermMicro website. Place it now!

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