How To Fix Hair Scalp Shine?

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How do I get rid of the shine on my scalp? Perhaps you are intrigued by this question if you spot that shine on your scalp. In fact, you might be wondering: Why is my scalp so shiny? Well, a shiny scalp is usually not a big problem but it can be a nuisance for many men with a bald head. Everyone wants their hair to be shiny and luminous but not their scalp.

Pattern Baldness & Scalp Shine

If you're struggling with pattern hair loss, then that shiny scalp is typical. Then you may decide to go for scalp micropigmentation to create a textured look on your scalp. No doubt, SMP resolves the problem to a great extent, but remember, it is still a tattoo that implants pigment into your scalp to mimic follicles.

However, when you shave your head after SMP, it is more likely to shine. No hair loss treatment can correct your scalp shine.

Why does a Head Shine?

Before finding a solution to the problem, let’s first explore the causes of shine, which are quite natural.


Your head shines due to its natural oil production. Sebaceous glands are found everywhere on the skin and ooze out oil. Since your scalp has a greater concentration of sebaceous glands, it is more likely to appear shiny. Besides, some research studies claim that more oil production in the scalp could trigger hair loss. The more the loss of hair, the more visible the scalp and the oil becomes more visible in the form of a shiny head.

Skin Conditions

Certain skin conditions may also cause hair loss and result in a shining head. Psoriasis, eczema, and seborrheic dermatitis are some of the conditions affecting your skin that can cause scaly patches and trigger hair loss.


Don’t strip your skin of excess oils by overwashing your hair. When there is excess oil loss, sebaceous glands can start producing more oil to compensate for the loss. Similarly, if you use overly drying products on your skin, this may cause the gland to produce more sebum.

What’s the Challenge with Shiny Scalp?

If you have a shiny bald head, it means there are no follicles. Here, scalp micropigmentation can help create the look of hair follicles with organic pigments. But the problem of a shiny head does not resolve on its own even after SMP.

So how to get rid of shiny scalp?

You may want to take steps to reduce the shine on your head. Here are a few tips.

  • Keep your scalp clean and avoid any excess dirt, oil buildup.
  • Do not shave too close to the skin. You should try to leave a short length behind that will help minimize light reflection off the scalp.
  • Avoid using styling products to prevent any excess and unnecessary buildup on the scalp.
  • Use a mattifying product.

Rejuvenate your looks with Zero Shine

When it comes to mattifying a shiny head, you want to get your hands on Zero Shine – the top-selling mattifier in the market. A number of SMP clients simply adore Zero Shine for its effectiveness in reducing shine on head.

What’s more, it does not clog pores and is waterproof. Just put a little drop of the moisturizer on your scalp and you are good to step out of home without any added protection for your scalp. The reason? Well, the advanced formulation comes with sun protection properties. So you need nothing else as a sunblock when you have applied Zero Shine on your scalp.

So what are you waiting for? Take the first step toward ending your shiny head ordeal. Welcome Zero Shine. Order it now on DermMicro website before the stock is over.

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