How to Get Rid of Bad Tattoo Ink

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When you go to an inexperienced scalp artist, you are bound to get a bad scalp micropigmentation experience. This could be in the form of a bad tattoo ink that easily fades or gets discolored quickly. In some instances, the scalp itches and pains because the SMP practitioner did not do the job correctly, resulting in pigment discoloration and wounds. SMP clients get unhappy with scalp micropigmentation if they experience bad results. what if the results do not meet your expectations? Can you get rid of bad SMP in that case? Well, no doubt, a bad experience leaves a bad taste in your mouth. But it is still possible to get rid of undesirable SMP pigment.

Complexion Correction was born to cover the skin surface so that light tattooing, discolorations, imperfections, and skin blemishes could be done away with without causing any more pain or problem to the client.  Complexion Correction works to effectively remove permanent makeup or SMP.

Developed by BGCM, Complexion Correction is a patented skin color matching system that uniquely blends collagen and skin colorants to color the skin and reduce the undesirable signs of tattoo ink. It comprises color-tinting pigments along with a Skin Base pigment to let the newly pigmented color to sit on the skin surface.

Complexion Correction is the answer to the following questions commonly asked by unhappy SMP clients:

  • How do I get rid of bad SMP?
  • Can SMP be reversed?
  • Can I get rid of bad SMP?

The potent product is a revolution in the cosmetic industry, which helps correct clients with blue or green hues after SMP. It has been used in removing small hair tattoos.

The best scalp artist is skilled in using it to remove skin discoloration and bad SMP using a special tattoo pen. Mix each pigment to match the desired skin color.

What does Complexion Correction Include

Anyone with a bad SMP experience can trust Complexion Correction as the go-to skin color correcting system. The kit includes everything you need to get rid of a bad hair tattoo, scar discoloration, age spots, varicose veins, and hyperpigmentation.

  • Skin Base pigment/collagen
  • Dermal redness pigment
  • Melanin Pigment
  • Color Mixing Guide
  • A silicon bowl
  • 5 cups
  • 3 pigment mixing sticks

If anyone attempts a SMP removal with Complexion Correction, then it is important to push the needle tip to at least 1 mm under the skin surface for best results.

The skin base and tints form the base to achieve the matching color that remains on the skin surface at the level of the epidermis.

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