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How to Minimize the Look of a Shiny Scalp

Posted by Mary Shoufield on

If you have a shiny scalp after SMP, it is not a bad thing. But a gleaming scalp might not be your ideal look, though some men look great with a glossy head. After getting SMP done, your scalp might look shinier. You might associate it with a look that does not appear so realistic. So you want to have a matte look and reduce the shiny appearance. There are a few tips to follow.

Shaving tips

Now you must bear in mind that a totally shaved head gets a shiny look as light flawlessly reflects on the scalp. Here you may choose a zero-buzz cut to reduce scalp shine. Even a close shave will help. SMP offers a solution to those who are completely bald as the treatment adds some texture to the scalp, thus reducing the shine.

SMP helps create the illusion of hair stubble for patients whose remaining hair has been shaved. It may take a client a wet shave to achieve the look of a buzz cut.

Sebum control is crucial

That scalp looks shiny because of the sebum produced by the skin. It helps lubricates the skin and prevents dryness. But some people produce more sebum, which gives them a shinier scalp. So it is a good idea to exfoliate the scalp to manage the scalp oil production. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells clogged in the pores. As a result, your scalp will look oily and shiny. Keep it clean to keep that shine under control.

Hydrating or moisturizing your scalp will prevent dryness, thus reducing sebum production. You may want to reach out to a light moisturizer to keep dryness away and reduce the production of scalp oil.

Don’t sweat it out

Your goal is to prevent sweating. But when you hit the gym, workout hard, or step out in the sun, you are bound to sweat a lot. So a quick fix is to wear headgear to prevent exposure to solar ultra violet rays. Remember, sweating make your scalp look shiny. In that regard, you may want to keep the scalp cool to prevent too much sweating and shine.

Use the right Mattifying Products

Matte cleansers are ideal products to reduce scalp shine. Although they are expensive, you can easily achieve a matte-looking scalp. Zero Shine by DermMicro is touted to be the best product for its matte or mattifying effect on scalp after SMP. This helps the scalp retain its matte look for quite longer.

The Zero Shine Advantage

Zero Shine is a wax formulated with the chemical-free ingredients to protect your scalp and oily skin with a matte finish. It has solved the problem of scalp shine by allowing you to remove your shiny head and mattify it for more than 24 hours. Now you can go for SMP and not worry about stepping out in the sun because you have a mattifying product that keeps that shine away. You may wear it in the pool as the product is 100% waterproof.  Zero Shine is your go-to product to preserve your SMP procedure and create a matte effect.

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