Does SMP Make Your Head Shiny?

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Since many clients need to shave their heads or like to do so for a buzz cut look after SMP, they might not welcome the sight of a shiny scalp. But in many cases, the scalp shines like a mirror and becomes an unwelcome sight. No doubt, SMP mitigates shine by making it less of a reflecting color. But natural oils from the scalp will ooze naturally and make the scalp glare.

Is oil the reason?

All scalps naturally produce oil to protect the skin from bacterial infection, prevent flaky skin, and keep it supple and young.

You cannot control how much oil your skin produces but you can use products that help keep that glaze look under control.

How do I prevent my scalp from being so shiny?

So if you have slight stubble, it will help not to shave too close. The goal is to prevent stubble from absorbing too much light and ultimately shining like a mirror. Use clippers for shave instead of shaving close with a blade.

In many cases, SMP can lessen the glaze effect, but not eradicate it

There are a few SMP aftercare tips to offset the shine.

  • Cleaning – It is natural for your scalp to look shiny due to excessive oil accumulation. Cleaning your scalp with mild soap will help keep it clean. Don’t use any strong product that can cause allergic reactions or harm your skin. Follow up with an oil-free moisturizer.
  • Moisturizing – Avoid an oily moisturizer. Instead look for a mattifying one that will keep your skin moisturized all day long and prevent it from shining like a mirror. Moisturizing will also help avoid a rough or flaky scalp.
  • Keeping sweating in check and go for sun protection - When going out, don’t forget to wear sunblock with SPF 30. An oil-free sunscreen will protect the scalp after an SMP session. Always keep wet wipes with you in order to reduce the effect of sweat and prevent oil from accumulating.
  • Shaving not too close - Keep hair at a stubble length while shaving. Leave a tiny stubble to create the impression of added diffusion. Shaving in the direction of hair growth with the grain of hair is a good idea. The goal is to create a grainy effect and absorb light.
  • Using a good mattifying moisturizer

What’s a good anti-shine product?

Avoid any oil-rich moisturizer. You want a mattifying product that does not create a shiny glow on your scalp. DermMicro Zero Shine 2.0 SPF+ provides excellent coverage to your scalp while also protecting it from the harmful ultraviolet rays. It has an anti-shine mattifying effect. The long-lasting anti-glare formulation uses natural ingredients, which ensures that you don’t have to worry about any allergic reactions.

The mattifying product does not clog pores and is easy to apply, though it is not quick to remove. When you order Zero Shine for the best mattifying effect, invest in Zero Shine Remover as well so you don’t struggle to get rid of the anti-shine moisturizer. It stays for 48 hours!

Order Zero Shine on DM website to remove shine and keep that glare away!

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